About The Juneau Community Garden


The Juneau Community Garden Association is a non-profit organization of local gardening enthusiasts formed in 1990. By arrangement with the City and Borough of Juneau, four acres of public land are made available for gardening, education, and charitable use.  

Until 100 years ago the area was covered by glacial ice.  It served as a race track, sawmill, archery range, and garbage dump before conversion to garden plots.  Raised beds, storage and event buildings, pump and water system, and fencing have been constructed, and lots of soil has been formed.  Members tend community flower & herb beds, and plots dedicated to growing food for local charities.


The JCGA now has 168 plots and 29 small beds for climbing plants.  Vacancy rate is low.  Garden members in good standing may retain their plot(s) year to year. 

Plots cost $35 per season plus 5 hours of volunteer service.  Climbing beds are $5 per season plus 1 hour of service . Established members may have up to four plots per person, as well as one climbing bed.  Learn more here.  

The JCGA hosts several events each season, all open to the public.  Find a schedule here.




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Board of Trustees                                                                                                                  


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Agenda for next Board Meeting

1. Approve September Board meeting minutes – JT
2. Fall Membership Meeting review – JT
3. Garden wrap up – Alan (Water & tools), Alea (power equipment & inventory)
4. Photos on web site – JT/Barney
5. New Web Master – JT/Barney
6. Composting & Coffee grounds – JT
7. Gate update – Odette
8. Membership and service hour update & IRS news – Odette
9. Garden “Operations Manual” – Pat
10. KGI grant – JT11. Next meeting – December 8?

Agenda for next Membership Meeting 





Juneau Community Garden
PO Box 033395
Juneau, AK 99803
Physical location: 5669 Montana Creek Road