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The garden occupies 4 acres along Montana Creek leased from the City and Borough of Juneau.  


Growing areas include plots for standing crops,

and small “climbing beds” for vines.  

Structures include an office shed housing a water pump,

storage for tools, a covered picnic pavilion,

and exhibit & market spaces.  


Several plots serve the common good:

ornamental beds, herb garden,

and food plots benefiting charities.   




Congratulations Harvest Fair Grand Champions

Stacy Eldemar & Johnson Youth Center Kids

see list of all winners here 

and more photos here



Grand Prize Harvest Basket
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Fall Membership Meeting

Thursday 24 September  7 - 9 PM

sign up for 2016 garden plots at 6:30 PM

Centennial Hall - Egan Room


Agenda includes:

Season Wrap Up

2016 Prospectus

Ethnobotanist Elizabeth Kunibe on "Potatoes of the NW Pacific Coast"


attendance counts as 1/2 hour of community service 


Helping Hands Donation 7 August 2015














Juneau Community Garden Association
PO Box 033395
Juneau, AK 99803
Physical location: 5669 Montana Creek Road
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