Volunteer Work


Every plot rental includes a requirement to perform 5 hours of community service.

Each unworked hour will cost you $20, payable at the end of the season, but the garden needs your labor more than your money.   

Your efforts will maintain our common spaces and keep garden programs and facilities running. 






  1. CHARITY PLOT HARVEST TIME: The seed potatoes for 2016 have been collected; everything else in plots A1, B1, and D29 goes to the SE AK Food Bank.  Pick a bed, dig deeply & carefully, harvest all potatoes & rinse them off.  Then cover the harvested area of the bed with provided plastic or tarp.  If you opt to deliver spuds directly to the food bank (on Crazyhorse Drive off Industrial Blvd, across from Fairview Stable; open Monday through Friday 0930-1230, & Saturday 0800-0900), get the staff to weigh your delivery and report the total to communitygarden998@gmail.com.  Or leave the potatoes under the desk in the pump shed and we'll deliver all together.  Dumpster the vines & rotters, but don't discard damaged potatoes -- include the casualties and let the Food Bank decide what to distribute. 
  2. SEAWEED MULCH FOR CHARITY PLOT: Collect 4 garbage bags worth of seaweed (without rocks) and spread it on the west bed of Plot D19.
  3. HERB GARDEN MAINTENANCE: Note to Gardeners with Limited Mobility:The triangular patch west of Plot A35 grows currants, raspberries & herbs for community use. Bushes need pruning, beds need weeding, paths need tidying throughout the season.  The area is mostly accessible, and the tasks require neither standing nor lifting.
  4. BUILD NEW HOPS PILE SIGN: Brewery grain has become a scarce & coveted commodity, but our sign identifying it as "For Members Only" has fallen apart & blown over.  Construct a small sandwich board which can be weighted and to which a 9" high by 12" wide sign can be attached.
  5. COMING SOON: Charity Plot Potato Harvest

Perform these tasks.  Report your hours.  Enjoy Good Karma.


Updated 9/1/2015 





Grounds Maintenance   

  • Weed the JCG Flower Beds next to the main gate.
  • Mow grass along and between rows, along the roadsides, in the large open space beside the covered shelter, around amendment piles and compost piles, and around the sheds.
  • Trim brush from the fence line corridor, inside and outside fence.
  • Pick up and dispose of any garbage.
  • Weed-whack areas that the lawn mower can’t access.
  • Tarp weed piles.
  • Burn wood piles.
  • Remove orange hawkweed or any other invasive species.  (Secure these weeds in a plastic bag and place in dumpster.)

  Contact Alea Oien for details: 

communitygarden998@gmail.com (subject line: Alea Oien)



Help with Special Events 

  • June 20 - Rhubarb Festival
  • August 22 - Harvest Fair

contact Pat Harris or Alan Davis:

communitygarden998@gmail.com (subject line: Event Volunteer)





Remember to record your service hours!




Download and print

Community Service Record forms 



Look for forms on the desk

in the pump shed.

Keep one copy for your records;

deposit the other into

the wooden box

above the desk:


Garden Security

Close and lock the main gate 9-10:30 p.m. each night, beginning Sunday and finishing on Saturday.

Includes quick inspection of the lot, locking sheds & dumpster, turning off water faucets, closing perimeter gates.

Service credit: 3.5 hours.  

Please only sign up for this service if you know you can lock the gate for the full week.   In your email request, list a few optional weeks and your contact phone number.

Contact Janet Valentour:




Tool & Equipment Repair

  • Pump up wheelbarrow tires
  • Tighten loose handles
  • Restring weed-whackers
  • Refuel weed-whackers, tillers & mowers with proper fuel

The JCG is especially thankful to persons with the time and knowledge to keep our gas powered machinery in good repair.

Contact Alea Oien for details:  

communitygarden998@gmail.com (subject line: Alea Oien)

Charity Plots (why? click here)

  • Check the Chore Board in the pump shed.
  • Each charity plot is flagged for easy ID.
  • Check off completed tasks.

For details, contact Lesley DeKrey:

communitygarden998@gmail.com (subject line: Charity Plots)



Join a Work Party

  • Tool Clean Up in October
  • pothole repair
  • finish the shed roof

Watch your email for an invitation!




 Special Projects  

  • fence repair
  • gate repair
  • replace main shed door
  • install rain gutters on shelter

Before undertaking any repairs that require materials or expenditures, please check with a board member for an approval to purchase.

For instructions, contact Alea Oien:

communitygarden998@gmail.com (subject line: Alea Oien)






Thanks for fixing the tool shed windows, Barney!


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Physical location: 5669 Montana Creek Road